Toyota Jumbo 2P Camper for Couples



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The Perfect Camper for Couples

The Toyota Jumbo 2, with its deft balance of spaciousness and ease of handling, offers an inviting canvas for couples who dream of the open road and intimate getaways. This camper for couples is intuitive in design, fitted with solar power capabilities that liberate you from the constraints of traditional campgrounds, allowing you to power up your devices and stay connected with the world or tune out to the tranquility of nature.

A haven on wheels, the Jumbo 2 provides youthful explorers with a cocoon of comfort that ticks all the boxes for a mobile, carefree lifestyle. The king-sized bed serves as a plush sanctum for restful nights beneath the constellations or as a day lounge for those lazy, love-filled mornings. Its generous cushioning is a dream, embodying the camper’s dual role as a vehicle for sleep and a space for relaxation.

Built on the trusty Toyota Hiace ZX, the vehicle is agile and dependable, featuring safety measures like airbags, air conditioning for warmer climes, and an entertainment system to serenade your travels with your favorite tunes via Bluetooth and USB. With a rear-view camera to assist, slipping into picturesque, secluded spots becomes effortlessly simple.

The interior strikes a balance between chic simplicity and practicality, fostering an environment of airy minimalism. The smartly appointed kitchen doesn’t skimp on utility; it’s equipped with a large 110-liter fridge/freezer and a three-burner stove, perfect for crafting nourishing meals to fuel your adventures.

The bathroom is where the Jumbo 2 really shines, giving you a slice of home wherever you pitch up. Your private en suite features a shower with adjustable temperature settings, complemented by a stylish and functional corner sink, topped off with the modern convenience of an electric Thetford cassette toilet.

For couples keen on creating a travel narrative filled with shared memories, the Toyota Jumbo 2 presents an alluring mix of freedom, comfort, and flair. Whether you’re chasing the next adrenaline rush or looking for a peaceful retreat from the bustle, this camper for couples stands as a symbol of a life less ordinary, a vehicle not just for travel but for the celebration of togetherness and journeying in style.

Looking for More Space? The Toyota Jumbo 3 provides a second bed, ideal for couples traveling with one child.


This motorhome has the following special features:

Standard Features

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Furthermore, each camper has an information pack for the road with a clear road map.

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May 1 / September 30
Price per day: NZ$225,-
Price per week: NZ$1575,-

March 1 / April 30
October 1 / November 30
Price per day: NZ$275,-
Price per week: NZ$1925,-

HIGH Season***
Dec. 1 / Feb. 28
Price per day: NZ$325,-
Price per week: NZ$2275,-

*/** Minimum booking in low and mid season is 7 days.

*** Minimum reservation in high season is 14 days.


For a small additional charge, we rent the following accessories:

  • Gas barbecue NZ$50,-
  • Tents with 2 or 4 berths including inflatable mattresses for those who want some extra living space NZ$100,-
  • Mountain Bikes from NZ$250,- per bike per rental period
  • Bike rack NZ$150,- per rental period
  • GPS Navigation System NZ$75

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