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Compact Camper New Zealand

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime across the stunning vistas of camper-friendly New Zealand with the Jumbo 3-seater, a camper crafted with the spirit of independence in mind. Ideal for couples or a small family, this compact camper is the quintessence of freedom and self-reliance, equipped with a solar-powered system that liberates you from the constraints of traditional campgrounds. As younger travelers seeking an eco-conscious way to explore New Zealand’s awe-inspiring natural beauty, the Jumbo 3-seater is your sustainable home on wheels.

Packed with amenities that rival the larger, more cumbersome RVs, the Jumbo 3-seater spares no comfort. It boasts a refreshingly capable shower, a convenient and space-efficient toilet, and an ample 110L refrigerator/freezer perfect for stocking up all your favorite treats and beverages. The 3-burner stove invites you to unleash your culinary creativity, transforming local produce into mouth-watering dishes, all while enjoying the expansive bed that ensures restorative sleep under a blanket of southern stars.

Navigating New Zealand’s captivating landscapes is a breeze with the Jumbo 3-seater’s dynamic 3L Turbo Diesel engine and automatic transmission, offering a driving experience akin to that of a personal car. The vehicle’s modest size is deceptively accommodating, making parking in bustling city spots or cozy spots by the beach hassle-free. Safety is prioritized with features like airbags, climate control to keep the driver comfortable, and a rearview camera that simplifies reversing into those picturesque secluded nooks.

Connectivity is a breeze in this compact camper in New Zealand, ideal for the social media savvy couple or the remote worker craving a change of scenery. Bluetooth and USB hookups are ready to keep your gadgets powered, while the Radio/CD player sets the soundtrack to your epic New Zealand road trip.

The Jumbo 3-seater’s interior is crafted to impress, with a light wood finish that exudes contemporary charm and warmth, complementing the spacious and practical layout. Ample storage ensures your belongings are neatly tucked away, and the sleeping arrangements are exceedingly adaptable. A king-size bed awaits two adults, with an additional upper bed for a child, and the clever addition of a sleeping tent for little explorers up to 3 years old.

The bathroom area merges compactness with luxury, featuring a Thetford electric cassette toilet and separate hot and cold water shower, all the essentials that make a world of difference when on the road.

For the couple desiring a memorable journey through the land of the long white cloud or the young family yearning to weave a narrative of adventure, the Jumbo 3-seater compact camper in New Zealand offers an outstanding blend of practicality, comfort, and freedom. This eco-friendly compact camper invites you to craft a travel story rich with exploration, bonding, and the joy of discovering New Zealand’s treasures at your own pace and with absolute independence.


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Standard Features

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Furthermore, each camper has an information pack for the road with a clear road map.

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May 1 / September 30
Price per day: NZ$225,-
Price per week: NZ$1575,-

March 1 / April 30
October 1 / November 30
Price per day: NZ$275,-
Price per week: NZ$1925,-

HIGH Season***
Dec. 1 / Feb. 28
Price per day: NZ$325,-
Price per week: NZ$2275,-

*/** Minimum booking in low and mid season is 7 days.

*** Minimum reservation in high season is 14 days.


For a small additional charge, we rent the following accessories:
  • Gas barbecue NZ$50,-
  • Tents with 2 or 4 berths including inflatable mattresses for those who want some extra living space NZ$100,-
  • Children’s packages cost NZ$75,- and include a baby or children’s car seat, baby sleeping tent, extra bedding and sheets, children’s plate, cup and cutlery, 2 extra towels and toys.
  • Mountain Bikes from NZ$250,- per bike per rental period
  • Bike rack NZ$150,- per rental period
  • GPS Navigation System NZ$75

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