Toyota Budget Campervan Hiace 2+1 persons



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Budget Campervan Description

Our Budget Hiace camper is not only a tried-and-true favorite but also an incredibly reliable choice for travelers on a budget. It’s perfect for an adventurous trio looking to embark on a memorable journey while sticking to established campsites, with a preference for the amenities that such locations offer over the rugged allure of free camping.

The interior of this budget camper has been designed thoughtfully to maximize both comfort and utility. Within the camper area, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen that boasts the convenience of upright standing room. This space is thoughtfully equipped with kitchen essentials, including a compact yet functional refrigerator perfect for storing your perishables. Additionally, a 2 burner gas stove awaits your culinary endeavors, whether that’s a hearty breakfast to kick-start your day or a warm, comforting meal to wind down in the evenings.

Adjacent to the kitchen area is the sitting/sleeping space, ingeniously crafted to switch between a cozy lounge and a restorative rest area, ensuring that you can relax no matter the time of day. This area also features ample storage solutions, providing plenty of space to stow away your gear, from hiking boots to extra blankets. Beneath the kitchen and sitting areas, you’ll find additional compartments, perfect for keeping your living space uncluttered and serene.

What’s more, perched atop the main sleeping area is a nifty 1-person fold-out bed, which is a dream come true for solo travelers or a child tagging along on the journey. It should be noted that this bed carries a maximum weight capacity of 60kg, making it ideal for lighter individuals. This effective use of space ensures that every occupant can slumber in peace, bringing the total sleeping capacity to 3 people in this budget camper or sleeper van.

The driving force behind our Hiace camper is a robust and dependable 2.7-liter gasoline engine. This powerhouse allows for a smooth driving experience akin to that of a standard car, providing a sense of familiarity behind the wheel. The Hiace is designed to cruise effortlessly at 100 km/h, maintaining a reassuring balance of power and fuel efficiency. This ensures that even with a full complement of passengers and their belongings, the journey feels more like a casual road trip than a cumbersome trek.

As our oldest and most economical option in the fleet, the Toyota Hiace budget camper holds its own in terms of maintenance and reliability. It stands as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional value without compromising on quality or the overall travel experience.

In essence, opting for a Toyota Hiace budget camper on your journey across the breathtaking vistas of New Zealand allows for a seamless blend of cost-effectiveness, comfort, and adventure. Whether you’re chasing the sunrise along the coast or finding solace in the mountainous terrains, this camper serves as a steadfast companion to budget-conscious explorers yearning for an unforgettable expedition.


This camper has the following special features:

Standard Features

All our motorhomes come standard with:

Furthermore, each camper has an information pack for the road with a clear road map.

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May 1 / September 30
Price per day: NZ$200,-
Price per week: NZ$1400,-

March 1 / April 30
October 1 / November 30
Price per day: NZ$240,-
Price per week: NZ$1680,-

HIGH Season***
Dec. 1 / Feb. 28
Price per day: NZ$260,-
Price per week: NZ$1820,-

*/** Minimum booking in low and mid season is 7 days.

*** Minimum reservation in high season is 14 days.


For a small additional charge, we rent the following accessories:
  • Gas barbecue NZ$50,-
  • Tents with 2 or 4 berths including inflatable mattresses for those who want some extra living space NZ$100,-
  • Children’s packages cost NZ$75,- and include a baby or children’s car seat, baby sleeping tent, extra bedding and sheets, children’s plate, cup and cutlery, 2 extra towels and toys.
  • GPS Navigation System NZ$75

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