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Camper Rental NZ: Mercedes Cascade

Our 2018 Mercedes Cascade represents the ultimate fusion of luxury compact living and automotive reliability, stretching to a modest length of 6.6 meters. Despite its relatively nimble size for seamless integration into urban environments, it doesn’t compromise on internal space or amenities and offers a high level of adaptability to cater to a variety of travel companions—from solo adventurers and romantic duos to a quartet of explorers.

Crafted on the robust foundations of a Mercedes chassis, this camper rental champions endurance and fuel efficiency with its 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, making long distances more economical and less strenuous. Coupled with a fully automatic transmission, the driving experience is both effortless and enjoyable, allowing you to navigate highways and byways with confidence and ease.

Driving comfort is enhanced by contemporary features that cater to your convenience. Enjoy the luxury of electric windows, effortless maneuvering with power steering, and the safety and precision of cruise control and a reversing camera. To stay connected on the go, the Bluetooth connection syncs your devices seamlessly. The cabin air conditioning ensures a comfortable climate regardless of the outside weather, which is a blessing for both the driver and the passengers in varying conditions.

Once parked, the rear lounge becomes the heart of the camper—a cozy retreat enveloped by large windows on three sides, inviting the outside world into your private sanctuary. The panoramic views offer a connection with nature while still providing shelter and comfort.

Sleeping arrangements are ingeniously designed within this compact space. At a simple push of a button, an electric bed descends smoothly from the ceiling, ready to provide a restful night’s sleep for two. The morning ritual is just as effortless; with another press, the bed retracts back into its compartment, sparing you the daily chore of bed-making. For additional travelers, the lounge area transforms into a second double bed, perfect for accommodating friends or children without the need for an external tent or additional sleeping equipment.

Personal hygiene is made simple within the confines of a well-appointed bathroom. Space optimization is key, with a corner sink that saves on space without sacrificing functionality, a swivel toilet ingeniously designed to fit within the camping unit’s contours, and a separate shower head situated on a flexible rail for a relaxing shower experience after a day of adventures.

To ensure you can visualize the space, we invite you to consider the layout of a comparable 2017 version of the Cascade camper rental. Though the model has since been updated, this will give you a sense of the meticulous attention to space efficiency and comfort that is central to our camper design philosophy. Whether it’s the call of the wild or the allure of the open road, the 2018 Mercedes Cascade beckons with a promise of adventure, convenience, and sanctuary wherever you may roam.



This motorhome has the following special features:

Standard Features

All our campervans come standard with:

Furthermore, each camper has an information pack for the road with a clear road map.

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May 1 / September 30
Price per day: NZ$325,-
Price per week: NZ$2275,-

March 1 / April 30
October 1 / November 30
Price per day: NZ$400,-
Price per week: NZ$2800,-

HIGH Season***
Dec. 1 / Feb. 28
Price per day: NZ$475,-
Price per week: NZ$3325,-

*/** Minimum booking in low and mid season is 7 days.

*** Minimum reservation in high season is 14 days.


For a small additional charge, we rent the following accessories:
  • Gas barbecue NZ$50,-
  • Tents with 2 or 4 beds including inflatable mattresses for those who want some extra living space NZ$100,–.
  • Children’s packages cost NZD 75,– and include a baby or children’s car seat, baby sleeping tent, extra bedding and sheets, children’s plate, cup and cutlery, 2 extra towels and toys.
  • Mountain Bikes from NZ$250,- per bike per rental period
  • GPS Navigation System NZ$100
  • Bike rack NZ$150,- per rental period
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